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Oh so many ways to get a hold of me these days!

The mundane

My office is located in the Mattin Center, suite 210. During the school year, I have office hours on Tuesdays and Wednesdays from 9am-5pm. My office phone number is 410-516-2359. Feel free to leave a message, but remember I am only in my office, at most, twice a week.

20th Century –

My work email is  Since my “real” office is my patrol car, I spend more time away from my computer than at it.

The here and now –

My twitter is @ShushLady  Please follow me…..please??? Actually, this is often a good way to get a hold of me for quick questions. It’s also one of my favorite ways of getting important messages out.

To the very second –

Students can have access to my cell phone number. If you are a student who wants my number but doesn’t have it, one of your friends does. Or, you can ask me for it.

For the middle of the night – 

Community members that need to contact me about a student related issue can call 410-516-4600 any time of the night or day. If you are calling to report a situation that is occurring at that moment,  the campus police department will dispatch me if I am on duty. If I am not on duty at that time, they will send an officer out to respond. That officer will handle the issue and will write a report. I receive a copy of that report later in the week so that I can be aware of all complaints or problems. All callers may remain completely anonymous if they choose to.

For student related issues that do not need immediate response, or if you would like to set up a meeting, please either email me or leave a message on my office phone.

For more information on the Student/Community Liaison position and to find out more about parking, noise, police, me, area community associations, etc, please visit my website at

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