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“The Man”, the plan and my cans..

February 8, 2012

So, my last blog was about the promised increase in code enforcement patrols of Charles Village, especially in regards to trash. I was pleasantly surprised by how many students contacted me with questions and concerns about their current trash situations. I was unpleasantly surprised to find out how many of you are having difficulty getting any assistance from your landlords. It says something when I have students that want to do the right thing but are hampered by the very folks who should be helping. I’m working with a couple students and their landlords to rectify some issues, but I want to do more. I also like to spend my boss’s money.

So… how about a little contest? The prize? Three brand spanking new trash cans with tight fitting lids from ACE Hardware. I know, I know…you all are absolutely besides yourselves on this one, right? OMG! The ShushLady is soooo generous! She is sooo smart! She knows exactly what it is we really, really want to win! Clam down, kiddies. It’s really no big deal. I’m here to help!

All joking aside, the contest is for real. To enter, you must be a JHU undergraduate, you must live outside of university housing and you must actually need the trashcans (hint: you don’t need trashcans if you live in an apartment building).

To enter, you must send me an email at . Include your name, year, address and the best way for me to contact you. Here is the kicker!! You must also include something that describes or explains your current trash situation. This can be a picture, a limerick, a cartoon, a haiku, an essay, a video, whatever! Inspire me, make me laugh, heck make me cry about how awful your current trash situation is. If you can send it as an attachment to your email, we are golden! Whatever you think is the best way to describe why you deserve 3 brand new, keep’em for the rest-o-your-life trashcanswithtightfittinglids from ACE Hardware.

Contest runs from now until 8:59am on 2/22/12. 



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