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Student nabs burglar!

November 15, 2011

Oh boy…I hate to admit it, but sometimes I am way behind in finding out about stuff. Last week one of our very own, JHU Senior Christina Warner, was participating in a Citizens on Patrol walk when she spotted a person on a roof on Guilford Ave. According to the articles in the North Baltimore Patch and the Baltimore Sun, Christina told one of the police officers on the walk what she had seen and shortly there after the city police arrested Glenn Davis. Mr. Davis is infamous in our area for his numerous burglaries and attempted burglaries on student houses.

Speaking of burglaries – Thanksgiving break is historically a VERY bad time for burglaries in the area. I have said it before and will say it again … the criminals in this area know your schedule better than you do. Before you leave on break next week, there are a few simple things you can do prevent your residence from being burglarized.

  • Lock. Lock. LOCK! Every single door AND window. Do not rely on door knob locks, use DEADBOLTS! If your windows do not have locks, wedge a piece of wood in the sash to prevent the window from being opened from the outside.
  • Remove your window air conditioners NOW. You won’t need them for the rest of the year and they are the easiest way for burglars to get in.
  • Leave some lights on. Illuminate the inside AND outside of your residence. ACE Hardware at 32nd and Greenmount sells inexpensive light timers if you want to go one step further. You can program the timer to turn the lights on and off during certain hours to make the house appear inhabited.
  • Take your valuables home with you.
  • Ask a neighbor to keep an eye out for suspicious activity.

Hopefully, thanks to Christina’s eagle eye and your efforts, we can make this Thanksgiving break crime free!

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