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Some relevant “apps” for your phone

October 4, 2011

What’s the 311?

Over the weekend, I got into a pretty interesting “Twitter” conversation with various city organizations over a broken crosswalk sign. I’m actually pretty impressed with the timely responses I got from both the Baltimore City Department of Public Works ( @BaltimoreDPW ) and from Baltimore’s “311” (you guessed it – @Baltimore311). “311” is the telephone number that a Baltimore City resident can call to report or request help with issues that are important, but not emergencies. While the “311” phone number used to be answered by a real operator 24 hours a day, the hours have been cut back with a web based reporting system in place to handle the off hour calls (or for people that just prefer using the computer).

Anywhooo… during the Twitter exchange, @Baltimore311 informed me that there is now a mobile version available for free download to either an iPhone or an Android phone. I’ve just downloaded mine and plan on giving it a spin very soon. You can get yours here.

Home, sweet Homewood

Betcha didn’t know that Homewood has its own app. I wouldn’t lie! Need to find something on campus? How about a detailed campus map in the palm of your hand? Check out JHU’s very own campus app for iPhones here.

Where is my shuttle!!!

You can check the arrival time for both the Blue Jay Shuttle AND the Charm City Circulator using . Ok, so this isn’t an “app”, but it is a good mobile version of their Shuttle/Bus tracking service. You can also view the JHMI Shuttle, the Collegetown Shuttle and even Loyola’s shuttle.


I love the idea of car sharing. Having this service located on practically every corner of our campus is AWESOME! With the parking situation about to get much, much worse around here it makes more sense to leave your car back home and use alternative modes of transportation. For those days that buses simply won’t do, use ZipCar. Hopkins affiliates get a discount on the small yearly fee. You pay by the hour. You don’t have to worry about gas, insurance or where to put the car when you are done! What’s not to love? You can even reserve your ZipCar using your very own app! Want an even deeper discount for signing up with ZipCar? Click on the “Vroooom” icon at the bottom of my parking information web page for $50 in Zip cash when you sign up.

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